Two New Computer-delivered IELTS Test Centres in Auckland

by IELTS Australasia — February 18th, 2019

New Zealanders embrace the world’s leading language test on computer as two new centres open.

International students, workers and people seeking residency in New Zealand have welcomed the option of taking the world’s most popular high-stakes English language test on computer, following a country-wide roll-out.

Massey University first launched the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) on computer in Wellington. Following this success, the university has also introduced IELTS on computer at its location in Auckland. The first test is scheduled for 6 March 2019.

The English Language Academy at the University of Auckland will hold its first computer-delivered IELTS test on 21 March 2019. The English Language Academy has been delivering IELTS in New Zealand and across the Pacific region since 2000.

Since computer-delivered IELTS was introduced in Australia in 2017, test takers have praised the new option, with the other centres consistently receiving 5-star ratings on Google.

Michael James, Director IELTS Operations at IDP Education, said “the new test experience puts test takers first by offering more test sessions a week and results within 5-7 days, while still maintaining the trust, integrity and security that is relied upon by the organisations who accept the results.”

“It is natural to feel nervous before taking any high-stakes test. We focused on making test takers feel relaxed and supported so they can perform at their best,” he said.

“We are delighted to see our customers’ feedback that taking the IELTS on a computer, in a quiet test environment, is helping them feel at ease for their test.”

“Many of our test takers are digital natives, so this option is for people who feel more confident typing on a computer”

“The test content, structure, security and scoring remain consistent whether taken on computer or paper, so while the test itself hasn’t changed, what has changed is the test-day experience and faster results delivery,” Mr James said.

IELTS is made up of listening, reading, writing and speaking tests.

“The introduction of a new way of testing allows for all parts to be conducted on the same day,” said Mr James.

“Test takers have the flexibility to undertake the IELTS test when they want, and receive their results within five to seven days.”

Auckland attracts many international students and workers needing to sit a recognised English test for migration, study or professional reasons.

“Being able to offer quicker results for IELTS tests is not only a plus for our test takers, but also benefits the organisations relying on these results such as universities, private employers or government institutions,” he said.

Those undertaking the test in Auckland will now have the choice between taking IELTS via computer at selected centres or doing the paper-based test.

The listening, reading and writing tests will be take on a computer, with the speaking test still conducted face-to-face with a certified and experienced IELTS examiner.

The price for the computer-delivered exam will be the same as the paper-based IELTS test.

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