Meet Shahshan from China

by Vincent

IELTS success stories: Let’s get to know Shahshan and how she got the IELTS score she needed.

My IELTS journey to me is one in a million experience. I finished my Bachelor and Master in Russia which means I did not use English since the graduation from high school. In other words, I started to learn English from a very low level in April 2018. I put the part-time student occupation on the full-time mother plate. Fortunately, I met a very experienced teacher and enjoyed going back to school. On my first week I took a IELTS mock test and I got 4-5. But I think learning a language needs to sink in the environment and constantly use it for building the connections in the brain.

After four months study, I took my first paper-based test and got Listening, Reading and Speaking above 7 and Writing 6.5. As a student of ECE in UOA, I need to achieve all 7s in one test. At that time, I thought I almost achieve my goal. However, I took 3 months to achieve 7.5 for Writing.

My IELTS journey to me is one in a million experience.

My biggest obstacle was cultural differences. In my homeland, education system is exam-orientated which means we have specific answers for each question. In western education systems they value critical thinking. Students could challenge any knowledge in the book with their own perspective. Besides that, teachers paid attention in fostering logical thinking. We need to keep ask “why, how, effect” to any question. With appreciation to the cutting edge technology, I learnt how to use a mind-map online through which I practised a lot my critical and logical thinking. They are the skeleton of essay and appropriate vocabulary and accurate grammar are the fresh and skin. All mentioned elements build up a successful essay.

A key to success

Another key to success is a positive attitude. I valued my each test and dug deeply to find my problem. Sometimes it is more difficult to find the real concern. I also appreciate the support from IDP IELTS Test Center where have friendly and warm-hearted staff. I vividly remember that each time they encouraged me before the test. The service they offered is excellent, from registration to sitting the test. I did not wait for a long time. The computer-delivered IELTS test was very time-saving and headphone listening just helped me to achieve full marks. Moreover, the separated screen allowed me to map the questions and context efficiently during the reading time. As for writing, I could write the skeleton first which are the introduction, topic sentences and rough ideas without leaving spaces. This helped me save plenty of time!

Overall, I enjoyed taking computer-deliver test.

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