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Located on the tranquil grounds of the University of Waikato, the University of Waikato is a small IELTS test centre, providing personalised and friendly service.

All components of the test happen on the same day, with the Speaking test taking place in the morning, and the Listening, Reading and Writing test in the afternoon. Between the Speaking test and the afternoon session, test takers can explore the University's beautiful grounds or visit the new library where there are areas to relax and enjoy the view.

There are two bus services. The Orbitor, which circles the city and drops passengers off on Hillcrest road outside gate 2 of the University, and another which travels from the city centre directly to the University, stopping directing in front of the IELTS test centre entrance. There is plenty of parking at gate 1 which is only a 2-minute walk to the testing centre.

If you need any assistance, feel free to email us at or call at 07 858 5607 or 02 2066 8465.

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