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Your natural inclination is to speak to people in the language you are most comfortable with. We have come up with four ways you can establish a community to practice your English speaking skills with. There are ways that you can meet people regularly to keep improving your IELTS Speaking.

Language exchange

Teach native English speakers your first language in exchange for practicing English with them. Design a one-hour conversation session with thirty minutes in English, then thirty minutes in your language. If their skills in your language are weaker than your English, start by teaching them simple words and phrases to build their conversation skills.

Design and put up a simple poster at your education institution or local cafe advertising that you are offering language exchange. Add your email address as a contact. Don’t add your phone number to be safe. Start a social media page or post and invite people to exchange language skills with you.

Practice with people you know

Speak English with your international friends! Make an agreement to speak in English only for the first half an hour every time you see them. Choose a topic you are all interested in to fire up the conversation.

Join a volunteer group

Google your hobby or interest along with the words: ‘club’ and ‘volunteer’ and your location. You might find a choir to join if you like singing for example – or you can even start your own group.

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