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IELTS Speaking webinars always attract a lot of questions from IELTS test-takers. Having a confident conversation with an examiner who is assesing your level of English can be daunting. At IELTS, we strive to help you prepare for your test to make it as comfortable as possible.

Did you know that IELTS Examiners are trained to pick up on your emotions to help you pass your test? If you tell an examiner that you feel nervous, they will try their best to put you at ease. It’s a part of their job, and that’s why IELTS is a very humane test.

Learn more about this and other questions from test-takers in our IELTS Speaking FAQ.

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Frequently asked questions

Find the answer with our IELTS Speaking FAQs

When do I book and sit for my Speaking test? Is it separate from the other sections?

If you are taking the computer-delivered test, speaking is done on the same day. You may nominate your preferred time which can either be before or after the other three modules.

As for the paper-based test, it can be on the same day or on either side of the test date. Your test centre will arrange a time for you.