Introducing the IELTS Prepare by IDP : 10-part video podcast series.


Are you preparing for the IELTS test and looking for expert guidance?

Our new video podcast series, IELTS Prepare by IDP is live, providing you everything you need for success!

How the IELTS Prepare by IDP vodcast can help in your study journey:

  • Trusted preparation:
    Developed by IDP Education, you can access reliable resources designed to help you succeed.

  • Expert insights:
    Each episode features an interview with an IELTS expert, offering trusted advice and tips. They will explain the test structure, share preparation tips, and guide test takers on what to expect on test day.

  • Comprehensive guidance:
    The 10-part series provides everything you need to know about the IELTS test.

  • Flexible learning:
    Available to access on-the-go through the IELTS by IDP app, the IELTS by IDP YouTube channel, Spotify, or other podcast platforms.

  • Convenient access:
    Study at your own pace and on your own schedule. Get reliable information even on-the-go to help you succeed in the world's most recognised English language test.

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Expert Guided Vodcast: A 10-part video series

IELTS Prepare by IDP – your trusted guide for test day success. The IELTS video podcast covers everything you need to know about the test.  

During this ten-part series, you’ll learn about the IELTS test structure, how to prepare, what to expect on test day and more.  

Each episode includes an interview with a different IELTS expert, who answers test taker questions and provides valuable advice on how to approach the test. 


Episode 1 (1) vodcast banner

Episode 1: Overview of IELTS 

Join Daniel Marsh from IDP as he talks about the different types of IELTS tests and how you can take them. Find out about the structure of the IELTS test and how IELTS One Skill Retake can help you achieve your best score. 

Episode 2 (1) vodcast banner

Episode 2: How IELTS is scored 

In this episode, IELTS Expert Rose Aravanis explains how your IELTS test is marked. Learn about the IELTS Band Descriptors and how you can use them to improve your score. Rose also gives advice on how to move from a Band 6 to 7 in Writing and Speaking. 

Episode 3 (1) vodcast banner

Episode 3: How to prepare for IELTS 

Tune in with IELTS Expert Don Oliver to find out how to get ready for the IELTS test. Learn how to make time to study and what to focus on during your IELTS test preparation. Plus, find out more about IDP’s IELTS study materials.  

Episode 4 vodcast banner

Episode 4: Improving your English before you take IELTS 

Join Linda Alley from IDP as she talks about how you can develop your English skills before you take IELTS. She also shares her top tips for learning new vocabulary, including what to focus on and what you can do to remember new words.  

Episode 5 vodcast banner

Episode 5: IELTS Listening 

In this episode, Andy Watts from E2 Test Prep guides us through the Listening section of the IELTS test. We cover question types and preparation strategies, including valuable insights into how to navigate the lecture or talk in Part 4.  

Episode 6 vodcast banner

Episode 6: IELTS Reading 

Andy Watts from E2 Test Prep returns to talk about IELTS Reading. Find out what to expect in the IELTS Academic and General Training Reading tests and how to prepare. This episode also takes a closer a look at the best way to approach True/False/Not Given questions.  

Episode 7 vodcast banner

Episode 7: IELTS Writing 

IELTS expert Don Oliver returns to share his best IELTS tips for the Writing section. He talks about the different Writing tasks you might encounter in IELTS Academic and General Training tests and offers practical advice on analysing graphs and charts in Academic Task 1.  

Episode 8 vodcast banner

Episode 8: IELTS Speaking 

IELTS Expert Rochelle Van Der Merwe takes us through each part of the IELTS Speaking test and shares valuable insights about how to prepare. This episode also features a special section on how to practise for the Individual Long-turn in Part 2.  

Episode 9 vodcast banner

Episode 9: IELTS Test Day 

Join Jess Christie from one of our IELTS test centres as she explains what happens on test day. Jess also provides helpful advice on what to bring, how to manage your time, and what you can do to manage test day nerves.  

Episode 10  vodcast banner

Episode 10: What you can do with IELTS 

May Huynh from Vietnam shares her personal experience of IELTS and where it has taken her. She talks about her international student journey and how IELTS has played a pivotal role in shaping her professional path. May offers firsthand advice on preparing for IELTS and moving to an English-speaking country.   


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Whether you’re taking IELTS for the first time or aiming to improve your score, IELTS Prepare by IDP has got you covered.  

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