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IELTS Wintec Test Centre is proud to offer both computer-delivered IELTSexternal icon and paper-basedexternal icon IELTS.

  • All components of the test are delivered on the same day. The Writing/Reading/Listening test is delivered before the Speaking test.

  • The test is held in ‘A Block’. To find A block, park in the C Block car park first. You will see ‘C Block’ in front of you. It has a large ‘C’ on the building. Walk around behind ‘C Block’. You will see a volleyball court/net and a grass area. ‘A Block’ is on the right of the grass area. It has a large ‘A’ on the building.

  • Free parking is available in the carpark at Gate 2. Turn right at the entrance and drive up a small hill to find the carpark.

For computer-delivered IELTS, Speaking tests take place on the same day. For paper-based IELTS, you generally do a Speaking test on Fridays or Saturdays (if you are out of town, we will always prioritise a Saturday Speaking test time). Test report forms can be picked up on the day results are released by arrangement.

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