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The IELTS Centre at the ELA is part of the University of Auckland and has been delivering IELTS tests since 2000. The Centre is the largest in New Zealand and offers test takers at least three opportunities per month to sit their IELTS test. The centre has committed staff to ensure test takers a great experience.

At the University of Auckland IELTS Centre, you can book computer-delivered IELTSexternal icon. Book your test now, and receive your results within 3-5 days.

For paper-based IELTSexternal icon test takers, an online Speaking booking system provides you with the opportunity to choose the date and time of your speaking module. Tests are normally conducted using small rooms, however, one Super Saturday test is offered per month to accommodate high demand due to changes in New Zealand Immigration policies. For this purpose, a centrally located venue might be used.

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