IELTS Wintec Test Centre

Hamilton, North Island, New Zealand

Welcome to the IELTS Wintec Test Centre

IDP Auckland will be running IELTS at Wintec from November 2019. All components of the test are delivered on the same day. The Writing/Reading/Listening test is delivered before the Speaking test.

The test is held in ‘A Block’. To find A block, park in the C Block car park first. You will see ‘C Block’ in front of you. It has a large ‘C’ on the building. Walk around behind ‘C Block’. You will see a volleyball court/net and a grass area. ‘A Block’ is on the right of the grass area. It has a large ‘A’ on the building. Free parking is available in the carpark at Gate 2. Turn right at the entrance and drive up a small hill to find the carpark.

To submit your request for a remark, also called an Enquiry on Results (EOR), download the application form here. Then post the completed form along with your original Test Report Form to IDP Education Services: P.O. Box 5397, Wellesley St, Auckland 1141. You can also hand the form, along with your original Test Report Form, to one of our staff members in our office at 3 Lorne Street, Auckland.

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